Web Series That You Should Binge This Week

More and more people have decided to cancel their cable subscriptions, mostly due to the increasing number of high quality web series on streaming platforms.

Some have been a little extreme in their approach.

Some have been a little extreme in their approach.

Of course, premium content services still do cost money, but the large catalogs of movies and original content found on those services usually can justify the expense.  The absence of commercials is also a huge bonus.

fed ex

No guarantees that there won’t be product placements of course.

The Man In The High Castle

the man in the high castle web series

This alternate history web series imagines a world where Germany and Japan won World War II, and the United States has been partitioned between the two countries.  The web series centers on two characters, one from the Nazi-controlled Eastern Seaboard, and one from the Japanese controlled West Coast.  Adapted from the novel by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, the series follows these characters into the neutral zone in the mid-west as they both seek to understand the films they posses showing an American victory over the Axis powers.

Master of None

master of none web series 3

Unsurprisingly funny, but surprisingly heart-felt and well-executed, Master of None stars Aziz Ansari as a struggling actor named Dev, who manages to afford his New York City rent with residuals from a Go-Gurt commercial he did years ago, and the odd commercial here and there.  The web series is especially adept at showing the issues that face older Millennials in a way that is refreshing, well though out, and funny, unlike HBO’s insipid Girls which has mercifully been canceled after five long seasons.

Horace and Pete

horace and pete web series

Unlike the other two web series in this list, Horace and Pete is only currently available for purchase on Louis CK’s website, and was released weekly until April.  The 10 episodes are unlike anything currently available on television or on the web for that matter. CK produced, wrote, and starred in the series, financing the whole production himself to keep the creative control he wanted to have.  The show plays out almost like a combination of a stage play and a sitcom without a laugh track.  The uncomfortable silence, however, is a tool for advancing the narrative of the story, which is both topical and challenging for the audience.  Also, the series has an excellent cast, and is blisteringly funny in certain moments.

horace and pete web series 2

Also, we can’t type a single thing that Alan Alda says in the series.

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