Strange Museums For International Museum Day

There are plenty of museums out there for just about anyone, but this International Museum Day, why not go off the beaten path a little bit and check out some truly unique sights?

The Dog Collar Museum

dog collar museum

Part of the already excellent museum at Leeds Castle in Kent, England, the Dog Collar Museum features a wide array of dog collars, clearly.  The collection does provide interesting insight into the collars used by the aristocracy over the ages, with the oldest collar being 500 years old, or in dog years, forever.

"Not funny."

“Not funny.”

The International Spy Museum 

spy museums

The James Bond movies may exaggerate things a little bit, especially that terrible one with the invisible car, ice palace, and both Madonna’s singing and acting “skills.”  That said, Cold War espionage was actually quite ridiculous in its own right, and the International Spy Museum houses one of the largest collections of strange gadgets and other curios from the era.  Located in Washington, DC, where much espionage and back room deals surely still occur, you can check out this museum for a price and then visit all the Smithsonian museums nearby for free.

spy museums 2

See, the shoe-phone in Get Smart wasn’t as ridiculous as you though, even by 60s standards.

The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

vampires museums

For some reason, America’s youth seems enamored with vampire movies and the creatures featured therein.  Back before vampires were sullen, perpetually ageless, sparkly teenagers with the acting range of a head of iceberg lettuce, vampires were genuinely feared.  In Paris you can find the Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures, which has a huge collection of vampire hunting materials that were actually produced up until the end of the 19th century.  Back before Stephenie Meyer tried to convince her legion of adoring fans/cult members that vampires were just the hippest, man, anything even coming close to being a blood-sucking daemon with an impeccable Romanian accent was dealt with far more efficiently than all the germs that existed at the time.

vampires museums 2

“Eat your heart out, Edward.”

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