Mind-Blowing Tech to Expand Your Reality

Here at Aha! Coupons, we love electronics and tech; in fact we’re pretty huge nerds when it comes to technology. There’s really nothing better than going home at the end of the day, kicking up our feet, and relaxing with a cold one, all while enjoying the best consumer electronics out there (we save money with our coupons too). We want to share these deals with you, so you too can know how awesome your relaxation time can be. So, buckle up and check out these sweet new technologies and maybe once you’re done, you’ll check out our Best Buy coupons for savings that are on the cutting edge!

1. 4K TV

4 tech

Admittedly, 4K isn’t ready to completely ready to take over the market yet, since there’s not a ton of content in 4K (also called 2160p) available. At least not yet. Considering how fast 1080p has proliferated in a couple of years, however, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the amount of 4K content will expand sooner than some may anticipate. Not only that, but 4K prices have taken a huge tumble recently, which means that this technology can be in your home on a huge screen for less than a thousand dollars. Seems like a pretty small investment to be ahead of the curve, considering a large screen 1080p TV cost that only a few years ago!

2. Xbox One or Playstation 4 (or Both!)

xbox tech6 tech

While these systems have both been on the market for a while, their libraries are now beginning to expand and gamers are about to have almost too much content available. Of course, with Xbox One, we finally got Halo 5, and fans, for the most part were not disappointed (hey, you can’t please everyone). Not to mention, the prices have gone down significantly since the system was first released.  Also, Microsoft is finally getting around to making a lot of the Xbox 360 games backwards compatible, so you can access your library of treasured classics. If you’re a PS4 gamer then you already know that Uncharted 4 is just a little over two months from release as well! With Doom 4 and Hitman coming out for both consoles, Spring is bound to be a great time to be a console owner!  Get this hot tech today!

3. Oculus Rift

7 tech

Why even bother with a controller and a TV though, when you can immerse your gaming experience in virtual reality? The game is about to change completely when the Oculus Rift comes into play in two months. Immersive virtual reality games and movies, and the ability to chat on the internet with your friends as if you’re in the same room? Kind of overwhelming, right? We thought so too. The team at Aha! Coupons is especially psyched about the Oculus Rift, mostly because, like most millennials, we too were disappointed with the Virtual Boy (even though it was cutting edge tech).

How do I get this hot tech cheaply?

All of this tech is pretty expensive, but don’t worry, we’ve got the coupons to help you out at Best Buy! Aha! Coupons can get you the real deals that you need so you can spend your time in the virtual worlds you want to explore!


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