Indie Films To See In Theaters

With all of the terrible films out there, the indie scene can be rather refreshing, with original plots, good acting, and film making that doesn’t replace critical dialog with a series of explosions.

"Sorry, all I heard was the opening to 'Born to Be Wild' and a series of explosions. I think I may actually have a problem."

“Sorry, all I heard was the opening to ‘Born to Be Wild’ and a series of explosions. I think I may actually have a problem.”

Papa Hemingway in Cuba

hemingway cuba indie

Admittedly this one has not had a lot of love critically, but fans of the famous author have found it to be well done, and at the very least, well acted.  It also has the distinction of being the first American film since the Cuban Revolution to be actually filmed in country, with shooting occurring at actual Hemingway haunts.  The film follows a young journalist who views Hemingway as a father figure, and his journey to Cuba to meet with the famous author while the Revolution is starting to happen.

Born to Be Blue

born to be blue indie

Veteran indie actor Ethan Hawke steps into the shoes of 50s jazz legend, Chet Baker, in this biopic about Baker’s comeback in the jazz scene in the 60s.  Baker’s struggles with drugs and a brutal beating that ruined his ability to play for years all but killed his career, which had been world renown in the 50s, however, through determination he was able to return in the 60s arguably better than ever.  The film, carried by Hawke, brings this very true story to life, all with great music and cinematography.

Elvis & Nixon


Amazon’s first foray into an actual theatrical release brings us the very true and very unusual story of Elvis Presley meeting President Nixon, and requesting status as a federal narcotics agent.  It’s a story that’s almost too perfect for a film, but it’s something that really did happen.  Watching Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey as Elvis and Nixon respectively, hamming it up, is worth the price of admission alone!

elvis indie

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