Huge Tech Failures

Light needs dark, hot needs cold, and success needs failure.

Pic related.

Pic related.

That said, there’s failing, and there’s failing.  Here are some of the biggest tech failures and disappointments for you to laugh at!

Tommy Lee Jones is not amused.

Tommy Lee Jones is not amused.

Nokia N-Gage

n gage tech

Released in 2003, the N-Gage was either extremely far ahead of it’s time, or just too imperfectly executed to revolutionize the mobile market.  Nokia saw an opening when they realized that people were both interested in carrying a gaming device and a mobile device.  Unfortunately, the N-Gage was a middling gaming platform, and not really a good phone.  While it was one of the first mobile platforms to allow online gaming, the steep price tag of $299 was just too much for the average consumer.  Furthermore, talking into the thing was an absolute nightmare, since the speaker and earpiece were on the side.

side talking tech

“Hello, Nokia customer service, how do I configure my phone to regain my dignity?”

In a way, this one is too bad, because Nokia really did try in its effort, with redesigns and price cuts.  The final game was released for the platform in 2006, however, successful mobile gaming would finally happen with the iPhone a few years later.

"Are these N-Gages? I can't tell."

“Are these N-Gages? I can’t tell.”

Apple III

apple 3

With the success of Apple in recent years, its hard to remember a time where Apple products were not dominating the market.  While the brand had a dedicated following in the 90’s, they came close to folding repeatedly.  The legendary Apple II revolutionized the computing world, which is why you’re almost certainly familiar with it for a number of reasons.

Reason #1

Reason #1

The Apple III, on the other hand, was spectacular only in its level of failure.  Right off the bat, the Apple III suffered from stability issues, which led to a recall of 14,000 units shortly after its release in 1980.  Re-released in 1981, the Apple III simply never experienced the commercial success of the II.  The Apple III also suffered from hardware failures due to overheating.  Steve Jobs insisted that the Apple III be completely sealed, to reduce noise, however, even with a heavy aluminum base that was supposed to act as a heat sink, overheating still toasted many machines.

"Introducing the new and improved Apple IV."

“Introducing the new and improved Apple IV.”

Even with a number of redesigns and re-releases, the Apple III never took off in the way that Apple hoped, and the line was abandoned in 1985.

We'd like to think they took their own advice.

We’d like to think they took their own advice.


asimo tech

Robots are supposed to be terrifying, but this guy looks alright!  Honda started developing the ASIMO in the early 2000’s and the world took notice of the lovable robot.

terminator tech

Getting people to love robots is a tough sell after this series.

In fact the only thing that ASIMO had in common with The Terminator series is that he, like the franchise, had a very rough 2000’s.  At a tech show in 2006, ASIMO climbed up the steps and promptly failed and fell down, only to be whisked away backstage moments later.

asimo up

asimo fall

“Yeah, we’re a few decades away from Skynet guys.”

I want some tech but not this stuff!

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