Highly Underrated Films You Need To Watch

There are lots of films out there to choose from, but it’s sometimes hard to know what films are quality and which ones are pure garbage.

Garbage that is ironically good because it's so bad doesn't count.

Garbage that is ironically good because it’s so bad doesn’t count.

We’d hate to steer you wrong in the quest to find a decent rental, so here are three films that are not only criminally underrated, but actually worth seeking out.


moon film

Moon is one of those films that makes the audience question the nature of human existence, and what makes something human.  The film is well acted with Sam Rockwell knocking it out of the park, and Kevin Spacey’s voice backing him up as a slightly creepy albeit kindhearted robot.  Without giving too much away, the film plays out like a good episode of The Twilight Zone, and the central conflict is not immediately obvious. Duncan Jones, son of the late David Bowie, crafts a film that perfectly builds tension and ultimately rewards the audience with a great and memorable experience.


gattaca films

Moon may question what it means to be human, but Gattaca questions what determines a person’s fate.  In this film, the protagonist is disadvantaged at a genetic level, having been born without having his genes altered, unlike his successful brother and others. Despite this, and the fact that he is not expected to live past 30 due to a heart condition, he strives to travel into space, even though this sort of thing would ordinarily be unavailable to him given his condition. The film was shot on a relatively low budget, but expertly uses its resources to create a believable world where genetic modification creates different strata of society, and questions the ethics of such modification.

In Bruges

Film Title: In Bruges

In Bruges is one of those surprising films that is both brilliantly funny and also deeply emotional.  After a hit goes awry, a pair of mobsters have to flee London to the medieval town of Bruges in Belgium, much to the chagrin of the younger gangster.  The pair encounter a gaggle of strange characters while the film ramps up a serious showdown at the end that we simply won’t spoil for you. We’d describe the film more, but that would be giving too much away.

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