Great Xbox 360 Games To Get Cheaply

Since the Xbox 360 has now been officially taken out of production, there’s no better time to snap up some of the great games for the system at low prices, especially as an increasing number of them are to be backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

duke nukem xbox 360

Admittedly, some things are better left without backwards compatibility.

Games stuck in development almost as long as those cicadas that are about to tear up the northeast aside, there are some gems that you should consider adding to your collection as soon as possible.

Red Dead Redemption

red dead xbox 360

Remember how great Westerns used to make up a sizable part of cinema?  You do?  Wow, your grandkids must love that you play video games with them.

old xbox

“Just try me, you n00b. Get wrecked, scrub.”

Mildly ageist jokes about people that were likely far cooler than you a generation ago aside, Red Dead Redemption is an incredible open-world game that plays out like a really good Western.  It’s been jokingly referred to as Grand Theft Horse by people who probably are also baffled by the fact that Call of Duty and Medal of Honor have similar controls, but the gameplay is polished, and the story is top notch.  It always seems to be on sale, and usually with its expansion, which is predictably a zombie game, because, why not?

Halo: Reach

halo reach

The killer of many an evening, Halo: Reach is arguably the best of the series.  It brought back the health system, which is unusual in a modern shooter, but works surprisingly well.  It also has the best story in the series, with a group of relateable characters that the player should empathize with.  The game is an Xbox 360 exclusive, which means your Playstation owning friends can’t even play this one.  Also, there’s multiplayer, which is great as always, however; the real ticket is Firefight, where you and your friends battle endless waves of enemies.  Admittedly, it’s COD: Zombies in another form, but what’s wrong with that?

xbox old

“Billy, if you don’t drop that rocket launcher and let Grandma take it right now, you’ll find out what getting hit by a sockfull of Werther’s Originals feels like.”


bayonetta xbox 360

Bayonetta is one of those games that tends to divide audiences; it’s a strange game as far as its themes and execution, but that’s half the fun of it.  The real draw is that it’s a surprisingly complex and well done beat-em-up, which doesn’t apologize for its unusual themes and mechanics.  The game is also rather long, and invites multiple playthroughs.

"That's three pure platinums, Billy.  Just remember, you'll never be as good as Grandpa, both at this game and fighting communists."

“That’s three pure platinums, Billy. Just remember, you’ll never be as good as Grandpa, both at this game and fighting communists.”

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