Great Summer Films To Check Out This Weekend

Studios love to release huge blockbusters in the summer, and it’s easy to understand why.  The kids are out of school, theaters are air conditioned, and it’s a lot easier to enjoy films with the knowledge that you won’t turn into a Popsicle on your way to the car.

"Frankly, I didn't care for that Chipmunks film.  Now where did we park again?"

“Frankly, I didn’t care for that Chipmunks film. Now where did we park again?”

There are some good films coming out this weekend, just in time for the inevitable heat wave that will make you retreat into the air conditioned wings of the local multiplex.

The Conjuring 2

the conjuring films

In the sequel to the 2013 film, the married paranormal investigators from the first film, decide to take a trip to Jolly ol’ England to help a family besieged by daemons.  Apparently not taking a hint in the first film, the couple encounters all kinds of frights in the two-hour film.

Now You See Me 2

now 2 films

After the successful heists in the first film, the four magicians aptly called the Four Horsemen, are coerced to pull off a heist by none other than Harry Potter.  OK, the character’s name is Walter Mabry, but that’s irrelevant.  Daniel Radcliffe + films about magic = Harry Potter.  Anyway, apparently they have to pull off a huge stunt to clear their names and Harry Potter.  Harry. Potter.


You can’t escape it, dude. 


warcraft films

Truth be told, video game adaptations of films are usually terrible, but surprisingly, the film adaptation of Warcraft is not.  Written and directed by Duncan Jones, the director of the phenomenal film Moon, the film tells the tale of the realm of Azeroth.  The peaceful kingdom is besieged by marauding orcs who have fled their dying kingdom in the hopes of colonizing another. Now if only we could get a Super Mario film that isn’t complete garbage.

super mario films

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