Games That Will Make 2016 Amazing

With the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U finally having a few years under their collective belts, some truly great titles are making their debut in 2016!  Of course last year we got Halo 5 and Metal Gear Solid 5, which were solid titles, but the following three franchises are guaranteed to revolutionize their respective genres.

Uncharted 4

uncharter 4 games

The Uncharted series is about as close as gamers can get to being Indiana Jones without playing a licensed Indiana Jones title, with the exception of the Tomb Raider series.  The last two Tomb Raider games have actually been pretty great, but this comes after almost a whole decade of being sub-par.  It’s the Uncharted games that revolutionized the genre, and Tomb Raider has wisely raided a large number of gameplay elements.

They stopped short of renaming her "Lara Drake."

They stopped short of renaming her “Lara Drake.”

The one thing that Tomb Raider has really lost is any semblance of a sense of humor, which the Uncharted series has wisely relied on since the beginning.

When Uncharted killed it's most interesting character they knew to bring him back.

When Uncharted killed it’s most interesting character they knew to bring him back.

The combination of the elements that made the Uncharted games incredible, coupled with amazing next-generation graphics and gameplay ensure that this will be one of the top titles of the year!

uncharted games car

“No, take the turn AFTER the apocalyptic chaos!”


hitman paris games

Hitman has the genuine misfortune of being one of the greatest open-world stealth series of all time, even rivaling Metal Gear for the crown, and yet spawning not one, but two equally terrible movies.

hitman movie

He’s only scowling because the box office returns matched the number of stars this thing got.

hitman movie 2

How can you ruin both a middling “Die Hard” movie, and Hitman?

The two greatest tragedies of our time aside, the new Hitman game promises to actually be pretty cool, allowing for even more choices in game when it comes to assassinating your target.

hitman chicken games

Of course, not all choices in the series have been good ones.

Some have not been too keen on the episodic style in which the game is being released, however, the full game will be available towards the end of the year once all of the episodes have been released.  While it is regrettable that fans will not be able to play the game all at once, the episodic release style will afford greater flexibility and replay value, which is something that the last installment of the series suffered from, despite being a pretty good game.  Hopefully, this gamble will pay off and fans will have another Hitman game to swoon over before another poorly conceived movie with another bad actor seeks to loudly assassinate this series’ reputation like a novice player on easy mode.

games nerd

“Ugh, the movie was so much better!”



zelda wii u

3D Zelda games have been consistently incredible since Ocarina of Time, and the new Wii U version coming soon promises to be no exception.

navi games

Hopefully with SIGNIFICANTLY less of this, though.

The game also brings back elements of previous titles, including an overworld like Ocarina, but with significantly more freedom of movement, allowing Link to explore both on foot, and on his faithful steed Epona!



The game also chooses to wisely bring back cel-shaded graphics, like it’s predecessor The Wind Waker, which was initially criticized for adopting the style until gamers actually got to play the game, at which point they all collectively stopped being obnoxious.

OK, we lied, that will NEVER happen.

OK, we lied, that will NEVER happen.

I can’t wait for these three great games but how can I afford them?

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