Fun Things To Do This Summer On A Budget

Believe it or not, were only a few weeks away from the official start of the summer, but with how warm it is already, it’s pretty safe to say summer has already begun.

"Sorry, until June 20th, this is what I'm wearing."

“Sorry, until June 20th, this is what I’m wearing.”

With summer comes all sorts of fun activities, travel, and vacation time.  What it typically doesn’t come with is extra money to do all the fun things you want to do.  With three months at your disposal, squirreling away a few hundred for a week at a beach resort still leaves you with a lot of time and not a whole lot of money.  Here are some inexpensive ways you can have fun in the sun without wasting all your discretionary cash.

Go For A Walk Outside

trail summer

We know this may be a complete surprise to our readers, but nicer weather means that there’s more incentive to go outside.  Ridiculous, right?  There are tons of outdoor options to explore, even in the most urban environments.  You don’t need any special equipment, just the will to actually get outside and the acceptance of the fact that you may encounter an insect or two.

"Believe you me, I'm not thrilled about encountering a human either."

“Believe you me, I’m not thrilled about encountering a human either.”

Go Fishing

fishing summer 2

Another distinct advantage of the warmer weather is the increased opportunity to fish.  This one requires a little more investment, but more than likely many of you have an old pole lying around.  You could even fish the old fashioned way, with a stick, some line, and a hook.

Have A Barbecue


Maybe you got lucky or caught a fish, or better yet, you’ve got the desire to cook a large amount of heat over a box of coals.  Either way, a barbecue (especially the potluck variety) is a great way to bring you and your friends together, all while keeping your budget intact.  Plus, its all sorts of fun for everyone involved, except for the vegan guests who still will probably enjoy that fried cauliflower they brought.

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