Food To Tour The World For

In the totality of the human experience there is something that almost everyone can agree on: good food makes for good feelings.  Of course there are those who are satisfied with bread and water, and couldn’t even begin to care less about what is put in front of them, and others who can’t stand anything but the familiar from their childhoods.  If you’re looking for an excuse to travel, you can’t really go wrong with eating these foods upon landing.  While nothing here is particularly strange (that will be the topic of another blogpost in the future), these are surefire meals that will fill you up and give you the energy you need to continue your adventure.

Canada – Poutine

Our trip starts in somewhere that is not too out of the ordinary, and should be familiar to anyone who enjoys TV shows and movies that don’t want to break their budgets filming in the US.

true lies food

“Washington, DC”

Canada is our friendly neighbor to the north even if they have to bear the brunt of a lot of ribbing by Americans.  Of course, that jovial attitude is probably partly because they’ve figured out the best way to eat fries in the most delicious way possible. poutine food

Poutine is basically fries with brown gravy and cheese curds, and while you can get it in the US, it’s just not the same if it’s not from America’s hat.


Italy – Carbonara

rome food

Speaking of filling creamy deliciousness, we recommend Carbonara if you’re traveling in Italy.  Originating in Rome, Carbonara is the marriage of all things decadent: heavy cream, black pepper, cheese, eggs, and bacon – all in one superb sauce served traditionally over spaghetti!

Carbonara food


Turkey – Döner Kebab


Making our way east, we need to stop in Turkey and have some of the excellent Döner Kebab!  While this dish has managed to take over Europe due to Turkish migration, there is still something special about getting the shaved meat sandwich alongside the Bosphorus, preferably with some hot pickled peppers!

bosphorus food


Thailand – Pad Thai

bangkok food

There are thousands of excellent, spicy offerings to be found in Thai cuisine, but Pad Thai is unique in that it historically was a dish that was pushed to unify the many cultures in Thailand during World War II.  It’s easy to see why, with the delicious rice noodles, savory sauce, peanuts, and choice of meat or tofu.

pad thai food


Japan – Sushi

sushi food

Finally, we have a Japanese staple that has proliferated worldwide: Sushi!  There truly is nowhere else in the world, however, that you can get Sushi quite like Japan.  The combination of raw fish, rice, and seaweed to hold it together may not sound appetizing to some but usually all but the most skeptical become true believers by their tenth piece.  Be wary of the Pufferfish; while it is reportedly delicious, one slip by the chef could spell doom for the diner, and poisoning kills on average twenty people a year.

pufferfish food



So I want this food, now what?

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