Discontinued Gaming Consoles To Buy Today

It was recently announced that the Xbox 360, which was first released over ten years ago, would finally stop production.  While that doesn’t spell the end of support for the console, since there are still a far larger number of active users compared to the Xbox One, it does close the chapter on this particular era of gaming.  Few may realize it, but ten years is an awfully long time for a console to be actively supported.  Still, there is a huge market for classic gaming consoles, which is largely due to a combination of the quality of those items and a healthy dose of nostalgia.

The classic VHS market, on the other hand, hasn't quite caught on.

The classic VHS market, on the other hand, hasn’t quite caught on.

The reality is that these items can fetch a pretty penny on eBay, though it’s usually not as bad as buying a new console or even the console’s original price.  Here are some consoles you should check out!

Sega Dreamcast

dreamcast gaming

The Dreamcast was Sega’s last console before the company finally threw in the towel and gave up on the console market, which is really too bad because the Dreamcast was a great system.  It was the first to feature online gaming, its controller had triggers which Xbox gamers are familiar with, and its memory card had its own display screen which could be used to play mini-games or display in-game information.

It wouldn't tell you when your friend was screen-looking, unfortunately.

It wouldn’t tell you when your friend was screen-looking, unfortunately.

The Dreamcast even had a great library of games, and it was the last console to use CDs.  The PS2 drove the final nails in the Dreamcast’s coffin, which is unfortunate since the Dreamcast had so much potential and was the first to do a lot of the things modern gamers have come to expect.  The positive side is that it’s still relatively inexpensive to find the used console and its games.

Nintendo SNES

snes gaming

The 16-bit Nintendo system has always been a fan favorite, and enjoyed a long life before being replaced by the Nintendo 64.  As such there is a huge market for knock-off consoles, however, the real one will still set you back a little over $100 dollars.  The good games also tend to run a little more on the expensive side.  That said, there’s a lot to be gained by playing the original 16-bit classic games on the big screen.

Or on one of these, your call really.

Or on one of these, your call really.

Nintendo Gamecubegamecube gamingThe Gamecube is still pretty easy to find on the cheaper side, and easy to get controllers and games for as well.  Of course a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee may set you back about $30, but isn’t it worth it?  The system actually had a pretty impressive run, even though it wasn’t quite as popular as the Xbox or PS2, and there’s a large library of exclusive titles that Sony and Microsoft gamers simply don’t have access to.  Of course you could get a Wii, which has backwards compatibility, but what’s the fun in that?


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