Comedy Series on Netflix To Binge

While Netflix may not yet have every single movie and TV series known to man available to stream, at a little shy of ten dollars a month you can get a lot.  The dilemma is not that there’s nothing to watch, it’s that there’s almost too much, and committing to a series that ends up being a bust halfway through is more than a little disappointing.

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“Nah, there’s no reason to map out a coherent conclusion before production.”

It’s a good thing to be armed with a little knowledge before selecting a series, and these are some of the comedies on Netflix that we think may be the most fun to binge watch.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

sunny netflix

Sunny is crass, ridiculous, and most importantly, funny.  It’s, in a way, a spiritual successor to Seinfeld, only featuring people who are far worse, and dialogue that is far raunchier. The early episodes are far more believable than later seasons, but even at its most absurd the show manages to deliver laughs.  Danny DeVito also came in during Season 2, and not only helped the show get funnier, but singlehandedly saved it from being canceled by becoming a producer.


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The favorite of college students catching up on syndicated episodes in the mid-2000s, this entry may divide people a little since the 9th, and most unnecessary of seasons almost completely destroyed the goodwill that the doctor-centered comedy created.  Also, it did give the world a more egocentric version of Zach Braff, which no one really wanted.  That said, the show is still very funny, if for nothing else, the rants of John McGinley’s Doctor Cox.

Parks and Recreation

parks netflix

Parks and Rec follows a different path than Scrubs, in that it starts out very weak, and rapidly picks up steam once the elements of the show that work start to be featured.  Chris Pratt was not even supposed to be a main character in the beginning, but the producers realized that his chemistry with the main cast and comedic timing were worth highlighting.  The first season has rightly been described as an uneven Office clone, but this is one of those few shows that rewards you for sticking it out through the early season weirdness.  The show was also careful not to overdo Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson to the point that Parks and Rec became The Ron Swanson Show.

family matters

The Urkel Show. You know it’s true.


louie netflix

Louis CK is one of the best comedians of the last decade, and Louie gets a lot of things right.  Earlier seasons match some of Louis’ best bits, but the show evolves into a more artistic avant-garde take on a comedy show.  The writing is brilliant, as is much of the acting, and the show manages to often be blisteringly funny.  It can also be, at times, heartfelt, absurd, or even dramatic, and sometimes it’s a combination of some or all of these elements.  Since it looks like Louie‘s run may have finally come to an end, now may be the best time to binge this on Netflix.

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