Marvel Films You Need To See Before Captain America: Civil War

With Captain America: Civil War coming out in theaters, and with extremely positive reviews already published, it looks like this film will end up doing relatively well for Marvel.

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“Please, on a good day, Marvel is printing 100s.”

Marvel has certainly made some great movies in the last two decades, and here are some of the movies that you should check out to bring yourself up to speed before the Captain America premier!

Iron Man

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Before taking any flak, we want to point out that the films listed are probably the best ones to bring you up to speed if you’ve never seen these films, and also happen to be some of the best in the Marvel cinematic universe.  While all of the Iron Man movies were at least good, the sequels simply aren’t as good as the first one.  The transformation of Tony Stark from arrogant playboy billionaire to slightly less arrogant playboy billionaire with a murder-suit is kind of fascinating, and a lot of fun.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

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While the first Captain America is important to set up the character, Winter Soldier is an infinitely more enjoyable film.  It’s not to say the first film is bad, but the sequel doesn’t spend a lot of time with Cap’s origins, which makes it a more enjoyable ride.  Also, the interplay between Captain America and his nemesis, the Winter Soldier works really, really well, though we’ll leave it at that because no one likes spoilers, even for a film that has been available for at least two years.



It’s not to say that no one thought that the Avengers could be portrayed on screen, its just that no one thought it would be as flawlessly executed as this film is.  Marvel’s cinematic universe has been very good about establishing the interplay between the different hero franchises, and this film proves it.  Not only did the film feel “right” but it didn’t feel like the heroes were haphazardly jam packed into a film without being established in other films first.

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