Great Money Saving Tips for Traveling

Traveling can be super expensive, even if you’re trying to save a buck or two here and there.  No matter how much planning goes into your trip, you may still run into the unexpected expense.  Maybe your backpack splits and you need to buy one, or your shoes finally wear out, after miles upon miles of trekking.  A magpie could steal your watch!

magpie traveling

Or your hat.

It’s true that you can’t account for every variable that comes your way, but there’s no saying that a little bit of pre-planning and budgeting can’t help.  An hour of planning before your trip is sure to save you a hundred hours of hardship later!


OK, I may have some bad news. I forgot ALL the water!


traveling guidebook

Invest in a good guidebook before you travel to your destination.  While it’s true that you can easily access information about your location when you actually have access to the internet, simply put you may not have access, especially if you go somewhere more remote or less developed!

I bet that skull gets great Wi-Fi reception.

I bet that skull gets great 4G reception.

Having a solid understanding of the place you’re visiting, where things are, and where you can eat cheaply will pay for the book the first day!


A savvy traveler can save big on hotels by researching in advance the cheapest hostels and bed and breakfasts where applicable.  Unless you were already planning on splurging and getting the most luxurious hotel room, the difference between a hostel and a more expensive and sometimes more disgusting hotel room is negligible at best.

"This is the worst two star I've ever seen!"

“This is the worst two star I’ve ever seen!”


When it comes to your money, you need to be smart when traveling.  Are you flashing your cash around or keeping your wallet in an easily accessible place?  You need to cut that out right now.  Invest in a neck pocket, or at the very least migrate your wallet to the front pocket when in a crowded area.

pick pocket

Pickpocketing is a thing, especially outside of the US, so a bit of situational awareness and common sense will go a long way to keeping you from having things taken.  Also avoid conspicuous jewelry and drawing attention to your electronics, like your smartphone or laptop.

See, this is how NOT to do it.

See, this is how NOT to do it.

Public Transportation

Taxis can get expensive, no matter where you go.  If you want to blend in, get a better idea of the place you’re visiting, and save a bushel of money, then take the public transportation.  At the very least you’ll get a story out of it, and likely you’ll spend significantly less than you would otherwise.

Still beats renting a Pinto.

Still beats renting a Pinto.

How else can I save big for when I go traveling?

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