Best New Games At E3 2016

E3, or the Electronics Entertainment Expo is a yearly event where video game companies debut upcoming games and hardware.  Often, there are incredible announcements, and as this year’s E3 winds to a close, there are plenty of games to talk about.

Resident Evil 7

resident evil 7

The Resident Evil series has had a legion of devotees since the first game debuted in 1996, even with its characteristically cheesy dialogue and controls that would make a tank blush.  The series really hit its stride in its fourth installment, released in 2005, and 2009’s Resident Evil 5 was also considered to be good, though not without flaws.  Unfortunately, the most recent numbered title, Resident Evil 6, was widely disliked, both by critics and fans.  The game tried to do too much, and crammed many fan favorites into an overburdened game.  That may be why Capcom is starting fresh with the upcoming installment, promising new characters while taking the series back its survival horror roots that made it a powerhouse in the first place.  Also, the health herb system is coming back!

ink ribbon e3

No word on ink ribbons.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

zelda e3

Nintendo has always had a habit of delaying anticipated titles, and the Zelda series has met with this fate quite often.  On the plus side, the delays are usually justified and the games released have been stellar.  The new game, Breath of the Wild, promises a quest that has an even larger and more open world than previous titles.  From the videos, the combat appears to be similar in style to 2002’s The Wind Waker, and the cel-shaded style also calls back to that game (which was widely criticized before its release).

"You mean, the game that has a 96% on Metacritic was initially met with skepticism? You don't say."

“You mean, the game that has a 96% on Metacritic was initially met with skepticism? You don’t say.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

infinite warfare e3

The Call of Duty franchise has met with a certain amount of criticism after the last few installments, which is probably why the newest one is blasing into territory that the series has flirted with.  By that we mean outer space.  The developers, however, have insisted that this is not merely Call of Duty: Halo, but is, in fact, similar in theme and execution to Band of Brothers.  While it remains to be seen how well the series will pull it off, this should be a welcome change for fans of the series who have grown tired of the increasingly stagnant games.

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