The Best Games For The PS2

It’s been over 15 years since the PS2 was released in North America, and in that time the system has created an enduring legacy of great games. It may surprise you to know that the last game released for it was FIFA 2014, which is surprising considering that the PS3 was released all the way back in 2006.

Way back when you used to share all of those hilarious Chuck Norris facts on your flip-phone.

Way back when you used to share all of those hilarious Chuck Norris facts on your flip-phone.

The PS2 undeniably had some gems which are still well worth playing, and you should get them today!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

gta ps2

The PS2 had a huge library of great titles, and several good GTA games, but San Andreas takes the cake with graphics that were much better than its predecessors, and a huge area to explore.  The missions were enjoyable, and the game was huge in almost every aspect, with a story that was incredibly well thought out.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


The Metal Gear series has always been a great one, and the two titles on PS2 are no exception, but Snake Eater edges out its convoluted predecessor for best title in the series.  With unparalleled graphics for the time, and great gameplay mechanics, the title is accessible for gamers.  It also features the most coherent story out of the series, which is saying a lot considering there is still a character named after a jungle cat.

Final Fantasy X

ffx ps2

Immersive, and with an emotionally charged story that actually makes one question the nature of existence, FFX is one of those games that one still remembers vividly even without having played in over ten years.  Tons of quests and great RPG gameplay make this title a standout, even though its direct sequel was nowhere near as good, and the series hasn’t been as memorable as this outing.

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