Awesome New Movie Releases For A Killer Night In

The Oscars have come and gone, and a lot of films that hit big at the end of last year are now being released on video!  Check out a selection of these great movies and have an excellent night in by heating up some pizza rolls and pouring yourself a glass of boxed wine (hey, anyone who says that’s not the best idea is wrong).  Even if you’re limited to the most processed of foods, there’s no reason you can’t watch that movie on a huge, high-definition screen, just check out our Best Buy coupons to save big, so that way you can get some bagel bites as well!

pizza rolls

Don’t act like these aren’t all you want right now.

Black Mass

black mass movie

With Johnny Depp playing mass-murdering crime boss Whitey Bulger, you can be sure that this film is thrilling even if it’s hardly the feel good film of the season.  Gripping and dark, a Merlot probably goes best with this one.



A woman and her son are trapped inside the only world that the boy knows, a solitary, small room.  Astringent and bitter, a Cabernet would go nicely.


creed movie

Witness the return of Rocky Balboa, this time as a grizzled trainer to the young son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson!  Wine pairing for this one: a punchy Chardonnay should do the trick.

Steve Jobs

steve jobs movie

Many films have already been made about Steve Jobs’ incredible life, but Michael Fassbender delivers the goods by embodying the dynamic Apple founder.  A Pinot Noir makes for a good pairing; both a little sweet and a little bitter.


trumbo movie

Be captivated by Bryan Cranston’s engrossing portrayal of blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who used his rapier wit to rise above his exile from the movie scene.  Pair a sharp Sauvignon Blanc with this one.

But how am I going to watch my movie?

Well you’ll probably have to buy it, and then you’re still going to need a good TV to get that home theater experience.  Here at Aha! Coupons groovy Best Buy page you can find good deals on all the things you need for your night in, except for the wine and pizza rolls, those are on you!


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