Affordable Weekend Vacation Destinations

The American vacation is an institution; after months of working hard and putting in long hours you deserve a weekend trip to put things in perspective.

The consequences of not doing so are dire.

The consequences of not doing so are dire.

Where can you go that is both fun and more importantly, affordable?

Nashville, Tennessee

nashville vacation 

Nashville features great live music, and more importantly great food.  As Nashville is the home to a ton of country music, you would be forgiven if you think that’s all that Nashville has to offer, but many styles of American music have roots in the city.  With affordable hotel prices, and cheap flights, Nashville is a great destination for a weekend vacation!  Also, with all of the barbecue in the city, it’s completely understandable if you choose to stay even longer!

Savannah, Georgia 

savannah vacation

The south offers a lot of affordable travel spots, and Savannah is certainly in this category.  You can experience the slower pace and mannered lifestyle of the south, all in a beautiful city that seems to be from a page in a history book.  Also, you may finally find out what a “live oak” is, and why there is all of that Spanish moss hanging off of it.  Just watch out for a mustachioed Kevin Spacey.

Why is he the bad guy in 90% of his films? It's confusing.

Why is he the bad guy in 90% of his films? It’s confusing.

Yellowstone National Park


With tons of wildlife, beautiful landscapes, gushing geysers and more, Yellowstone is an affordable destination for a vacation that is both captivating and budget friendly.  Yellowstone offers a lot of hiking and skiing options as well. if that’s your thing.  Unfortunately, if you don’t live too close, this may be more than a weekend trip, but maybe a week away from the office instead is what you need!  That said, avoid feeding the animals, or encouraging your kids to do so once they get on your nerves!

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