Adorable Facts About Your Kitty Cat

We’ve already talked about puppies in the past on this blog, so it was inevitable that we’d have to talk about the internet’s favorite animal, the cat.

cat proceed

The cat is the most popular pet in the United States, outnumbering dogs by 14 million, with 74 million dogs and 88 million cats in the US alone!

cat dog

“He behaves because he knows he’s outnumbered.”

Speaking of large groups of cats, a group of cats is called a clowder, which is an amusing but fitting word for sure.

"We get 'murder' because we're crows and we're terrifying."

“We get ‘murder’ because we’re crows and we’re terrifying.”

Why do people love cats?  Cats have been linked to a reduction in the risk of strokes, and cats actually meow to communicate with humans.  They can manipulate the sounds that they make to manipulate a human into doing what they want, for instance they can make noises like a human baby to get food.  Hardly surprising, since a cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than a dog’s brain, and the sections of the brain controlling emotion in a cat are almost the same as a human.

"But she said to Jack that she'd never let go."

“But she said to Jack that she’d never let go.”

Cats were also extremely important in Ancient Egypt, and the oldest breed of cat is the Egyptian Mau.  It was illegal to kill a cat, and cats were considered divine by the Ancient Egyptians.  When a cat died, he would be mummified, and his family would shave off their eyebrows to show their grief.  People have even left entire fortunes to cats in modern times, with one of the richest cats having inherited $13 Million from someone that maybe should have just donated it instead.

"I desire...fancy feast."

“I desire…fancy feast.”

Speaking of strange mystery meat for pets, it is actually inadvisable to give a cat raw fish, as it can make him sick, and since most cats are incapable of digesting lactose after they’ve reached adulthood, feeding them either of these two things is a sure way to send mittens to the litter box in a jiffy.  Cats also are incapable of detecting sweet tastes, so maybe avoid giving him any of your candy.

"Ugh, this is almost as bad as when you give me those sugar-free gummy bears."

“Ugh, this is almost as bad as when you give me those sugar-free gummy bears.”

Cats also rub against people and objects to mark them with their scent, which is the complete opposite of the furry hug you thought it was.  In a similar way, cats also lick themselves to get the scent of you off of them.  Also, while people think that cats bring them dead birds and other critters as gifts, in reality your cat is not so subtly trying to tell you that he’s much better at hunting than you and you need to step up your game.

Admittedly, some cats do it better than others.

Admittedly, some cats do it better than others.

All in all, cats are interesting creatures, that for some reason have also taken the internet by storm!  It’s estimated that there are two million cat videos on YouTube, and even more pictures online.

And yet she's still grumpy.

And yet she’s still grumpy.

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