Living Room Updates To Prove You’re an Adult

We’re only two months into 2016 and already we’re sure you’ve all but given up on some of your New Year’s resolutions.  Let’s be honest, chocolate didn’t stop being delicious, exercise didn’t start being fun, no matter what people say about “endorphins,” and you’ve only written one paragraph of that tell-all memoir you keep going on about at parties.  We have to ask: did you also consider revitalizing that living room of yours?  It may be time to make a belated resolution that you can actually keep, because your living room desperately needs it.  Just like Nehru jackets were once sort of in fashion, we’re sure that your living room also had a contemporary vibe to it, but just like Nehru jackets now, it looks sad and dated, and like you’re trying too hard (or not at all).  It is with this in mind that we would love to tell you about our chums at Sears, who have a great line of home furnishings and décor, at already unbeatable prices. Not only that, you can count on us here at Aha! Coupons to secure the best coupons to save you a boatload of cash at our Sears coupon portal!

1. Couches living room couch

We know how attached you are to that upholstered recliner with the duct-taped handle and that futon that has seen horrors beyond comprehension during college, but you’re sort of grown up now so maybe it’s time to update your furniture!  Why not update your room with some tasteful sectional couches, that can be arranged to fit your space properly?  They even come with accent pillows, so that way you can show your parents that you are, in fact, a functioning adult with a bank account and everything!  As for the futon, we suggest you send that thing back from whence it came, or better yet, put it in the dumpster because the employees at the furniture store will be extremely confused if you do the former.

2. Rugsliving room area rug

Your living room needs a rug that ties it together, especially with the great new couches you just got.  Unfortunately, the rug you have now, with its stains, burns, and garish color is probably not up to the task.  Your room deserves better, and so do you!  Check out the Safiveh Sultanabad Area Rug!  It’s tasteful, ornate, and will make your living room look like a palace.  Now all you have to do is remove those stolen traffic signs from your walls, and people may actually start to believe that you no longer collect an allowance!

3. Window Treatments living room window treatment

Bare blinds are ugly, with the exception of those cool wooden venetian blinds found in most Noir films!  That said, if you really want your windows to impress, it’s time to get some window treatments.  This hardly is a Herculean task and something simple like these Jacob Tab Top Casual Window Panels will get the job done!  They’re elegant, well-made, and will make your living room look fantastic!

How to Make Your Living Room Affordable?

We here at Aha! Coupons know you have it in you to make your living room look better, and with our awesome Sears coupons, you have the power to do it, all while saving money!


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