Home Goods To Send To The Trash Heap This Spring

Spring cleaning is a drag, and we here at Aha! Coupons don’t enjoy it any more than anyone else.  Still, there is something kind of special about being able to renew your space through the power of some elbow grease, a few profanities, and a liberal application of certain beverages.  That said, when the trash bags are finally on the curb and your home is looking better, there are certainly things you can purchase that will give your home an almost new-package sheen.  As much as it may sound like fun to wrap a split-level ranch in a couple of miles of saran-wrap, that’s not really what we’re driving at.  Why not update some of the simpler things in your home that often get overlooked? Our friends at Macy’s are having some pretty fantastic deals on home goods.  How do we know?  We thought you’d never ask; we have some pretty great coupon codes at our Macy’s page for you to apply to your purchase!

1. Bed Sheets

bedsheets home

Has your bed been a little less than cloud-like and heavenly?  In fact, do you often wake up feeling like you were at the other place?  Your bedsheets could be the problem.  As much as your bedsheets may rate well for fine-grit sandpaper, unless you were planning on stripping the varnish off your wardrobe, they’re probably not good for anything else, much less sleeping.  Never to fear, Macy’s is, well, Macy’s is probably at your mall.  But you can order online, and right now they’re having awesome deals on bedsheets.  With the codes you can get on Aha! Coupons you can get even better deals.  We particularly like the Belmont 800 Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Blend sheets, because we think you deserve to sleep like a Pharaoh!

2. Towels

towels home

Now that your sheets are fluffy and you’ve woken up happy, it may be time to direct your attention to that sad, limp looking towel on your towel rack.  It may be time to update your towels, and finally ditch that threadbare one that you bought as part of your Freshman starter kit a decade ago.  It just so happens that our pals at Macy’s have a ton of closeout deals on different towels.  The Lacoste Solid Croc Bath Towel Collection is our favorite, mostly because we were envious of people that wore those shirts with the cool logo in high school.  Also they’re really nice towels.  But seriously, have you seen Gator (and yes we’re aware alligators and crocodiles are different, somehow).

3. Pots and Pans


Speaking of things that you’ve kept since college, don’t you thing it may finally be time to throw out those pots and pans that have been stripped of their Teflon for years.  In addition to that not being healthy, it’s also not practical for cooking.  Making ends meet is hard, and spending on mere frivolities probably isn’t smart, but investing in a decent cookware set will save you money, even in the short term.  Macy’s also has closeout deals on great cookware.  We like the Cuisinart 14-Piece Aluminum Non-Stick Set, it’s simple, practical, well-made, and affordable, especially at the prices Macy’s is selling the set at!

How do I save on these new home goods?

Running a house can be a real chore, but we here at Aha! Coupons really want to help.  So check out our Macy’s coupons and if you have the desire to update a few things in your house, let us provide you the coupons, codes, and promotions that will keep your wallet fat and your home happy!


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