Clean Your Home With These Ferocious Products

At Aha! Coupons we have really been interested in letting you know about products that you’ll probably need as you gear up for Spring cleaning.  It may seem redundant, but we really want you to have what you need on hand to clean, and at the best price, so when we see a great deal, we want to be the first to let you know about it!  So there was this guy named Sam Walton and he wanted to make a shopping club that you needed a membership for to buy its products at a discount.  Rather originally, and after probably sleepless weeks of deliberation he came up with the name “Sam’s Club” because dreams really do come true!  After Sam was awarded his gold star by his creative writing teacher presumably, Sam’s Club actually turned out to be a pretty successful business, and the great savings found there have actually saved customers bushels of cash!  Of course, you do need to be a member to shop there, so for those readers that aren’t, stick around and find out about the products anyway, because the information may still prove to be helpful.  For those that are members, check out our awesome Sam’s Club coupon portal, and save even more money on your purchases, though please be nice to the non-members (they’ll come around someday)!

1. Disinfecting Spray
lysol clean

So here’s the deal, you can vacuum, dust, and get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your house, but you’re not going to destroy the germs that are part of the package by mere spot-cleaning alone.  Lysol has been really good at creating products that will show 99.9% of those germs the door in the worst way, and their disinfecting spray is no exception!  Use it to eradicate all sorts of viruses and bacteria that have decided to set up shop on frequently used things like your phones, light switches, and obviously your bathroom.  Believe us, these things won’t hesitate to get you sick, so show them who’s boss with a can of Lysol Disinfecting Spray!

2. Disinfecting Wipes

clorox clean

Of course, spray isn’t always practical for a simple job, and no one wants to have to haul around a can of Lysol and paper towels every time there’s something to be disinfected.  The good people at Clorox have simplified things for us by making their fantastic Clorox clean wipes, which also boast a 99.9% germ-killing ability, all while already combining both the disinfectant and the delivery system! Simply keep some in your bathroom, kitchen, and car and give those germs a good thrashing anytime they even think about getting you ill!

3. Air Fresheners

glade clean

A house is host to many smells, and frankly a lot of them aren’t particularly pleasant.  Even after cleaning thoroughly, we both know that the newly cleaned house smell only lasts awhile before someone burns dinner, spills something, or tracks in something that Fido left hidden in the grass.  A good air freshener will at least keep all but the most offensive odors from ruining your evening, and the good folks at Glade have made some powerful ones.  Put one in each room in the house and keep your home fresh and bright!

How can I make my home clean for less?

Wouldn’t you know it; Sam’s Club has all these products at fantastic prices for the Spring!  Your buddies here at Aha! Coupons are more than happy to give you the codes you need to get the best savings, all at our Sam’s Club coupon page!  Go ahead, check it out and reel in the savings!


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