Lodge Time: Make a Home With Unique Decorations!

For the more outdoorsy of us, Spring is a great time to make a trip to the old lodge or cabin.  What could be more fun than spending a weekend hunting, fishing, or just relaxing in a wooden cabin surrounded by nature?  It sure beats being at the office, or enduring the latest overcrowded and overpriced “millennial bar” with all of the misery that entails.  What makes the lodge fun is that it’s a little slice of unrefined paradise, where a bearskin doesn’t look out of place, and mismatched furniture is part of the fun of it.  That doesn’t mean necessarily that you can’t have a lodge that has some style!  Our friends at Bon-Ton are having a pretty nifty sale on home décor items and we here at Aha! Coupons would be remiss if we didn’t at least direct you to our Bon-Ton coupon portal, where you can find the coupons you crave to get the deals you need!

1. Bathroom Accessories

avanti bears lodge

“Who cares about the bathroom in a lodge,” you may be saying.  Well, we think you couldn’t be more wrong.  If your lodge does have a bathroom (and believe us, we understand that some may not), then why let it be boring and undecorated?  These Avanti bathroom accessories feature bears, which already are awesome, but also tie well into the theme you’re going for in a cabin in the woods.  Delightfully tacky and perfect for your lodge, these are sure to spellbind your guests, or at least give you a happy chuckle when you take a weekend up there to be by yourself.

2. Shower Curtains and Bath Mats

texas showercurtain lodge

The geniuses at Avanti really had their work cut out for them when tasked with designing awesome shower curtains and bath mats.  Then, someone said “Texas” and these social scientists knew what they had to do!  Probably years of research and development later, these incredible shower curtains and bathmats were born.  Everything is bigger in Texas, and while that’s not really relevant to your lodge because most of them are small, you can make it feel big by adorning your bathroom with the flag of the Lone Star State!

3. Quilts

bear quilt lodge

We admit, a quilt is quite special when it is homemade, but unfortunately that’s becoming an art that some simply don’t have time for these days.  That said, you can give your cabin that distinctly homespun feel with these rustic looking quilts by Ruff Hewn, which should add some warmth and country-style flair to your bed in the lodge.  We liked this one design with the bear in particular, because if you’re going to have a theme, you may as well stick to it.

How can I transform my lodge for less?

Speaking of sticking to themes, we here at Aha! Coupons know that if you have a lodge, you now know where to get some awesome décor items at prices that can’t be felled by even a grizzly!  Even if you don’t have a lodge or cabin, you can still get these things and decorate your studio apartment in the city, so it doesn’t feel so much like you’re living in a remorseless concrete jungle!  Don’t forget to peruse our great Bon-Ton coupons and make sure that you save big; after all that cabin’s mortgage isn’t going to pay for itself!


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