Men’s Suave Styles to Make You More Fashionable

Men’s fashion is fickle, but some things are timeless in their form and functionality.  You may love those oversized jeans that you’ve been holding on to since 1999, but something tells us that they may only come back as a joke, because no one actually wants to walk around with fifty-inch bellbottoms no matter how desperate they are for attention!  Also, visors are never coming back, ever.  Some things, however, have been here for the long haul and they’re what you need in your wardrobe.  We here at Aha! Coupons want you to look stylish and smart, and not just because you have nice new clothes, but also because you saved a ton of money when you got them.  The geniuses at Macy’s have a huge selection of heavily discounted clothing that is sure to at least get your attention, and Aha! Coupons just happens to have a fantastic selection of awesome Macy’s coupons and promo codes at our Macy’s portal, guaranteeing you great fashions at great prices!

1. Suits

brown tweed men

We know how much you love that four-buttoned monstrosity that you have in your closet, but frankly those were never really in style to begin with and it’s time to ditch that for something new!  If you think tweed is for your Grandfather, then actually you’re right; he’s smart and he’s laughing at your youthful fickleness.  So men, dress like your Grandfather and check out this three-piece tweed suit by Bar III, which is a more modern take on a classic, with a slim-fit design and narrow lapels.  The double-breasted vest is a nice touch too, right?

2. Coats

peacoat men

The cold isn’t necessarily gone yet and you’re going to need a relatively thick coat at least for a little while longer.  Not to mention, it’s nice to have something nice on hand for the Winters to come that won’t become outdated and laughable a few years down the line.  That’s why we here at Aha! Coupons love this Ralph Lauren Men’s Peacoat.  It’s a solid navy blue, which will go with just about anything, has a stylish notch lapel and has the classic double-breasted buttons that have made this coat such a classic!  Not to mention the coat is guaranteed to be warm enough for the Spring and Fall, and during some of the balmier days during the Winter.

3. Boots

boot men

What wardrobe is complete without a decent, sturdy pair of boots, that will laugh in the face of the elements as they absorb a huge amount of punishment, all while keeping your feet dry and warm?  Surely with the Spring showers that are coming, you’ll still need a decent pair of boots for when you go puddle-hopping!  We particularly like these smart and stylish Steve Madden Duck Boots which are now heavily discounted at Macy’s and will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

How do I afford these awesome men’s fashions?

So there you have it, three great new additions to your wardrobe at great prices guaranteed!  Check out our Macy’s coupons at Aha! Coupons and make your wardrobe stylish again (and seriously throw out those giant jeans, they look like a tent)!


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