Escape the Office and Explore The Outdoors

Spring is coming, and the weather is sure to be better anytime soon!  You’ve spent the winter indoors and we here at Aha! Coupons thing that its high time that you got outside and took yourself out of hibernation.  Luckily the outdoors has a lot to offer, and there are a variety of places to get the things that you need to make the outdoors even more fun and bearable.  That’s where our good friends at The Sportsman’s Guide come in; they’ve got some pretty incredible items that are sure to help you forge ahead on your expedition, whether you’re going in the woods behind your house or strutting your way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, they’ve got it all.  Oh, and did we mention that Aha! Coupons is here to help with our Sportsman’s Guide coupon and promo codes?  Take a look at some of these great outdoor ideas, and then maybe you may check out our coupons too!

1. Kayaking

canoe outdoors

What better way to kick off the end of the winter by going kayaking?  As the weather warms up, scores of people are going to be looking to get out in the water, whether in the ocean, a lake, or a river.  Kayaking can be a lot of fun, and its good exercise for you as well.  Stuck at a desk all day and just want to get out in the fresh air?  Maybe a weekend kayaking trip will be just what you need to break free of the monotony of the office!  You know that awful motivational poster in your office with the kayaker?  You know the one.  You can be that guy (or girl)!  When you get back to the office after the weekend you can feel confident and happy because of your little getaway, and you can give that poster the old thumbs up!


2. Campingtent outdoors

Feeling pretty stoked after the kayak idea?  We know that we do!  If you’re serious about doing a little outdoor excursion, why not really make it for the weekend and go camping as well?  Being in the office all week can make you feel run down, and exhausted.  A camping trip is not only a great way to welcome the Spring, but to also unleash your primal side!  What could be a better way for you to reconnect with nature then to spend the weekend in it.  You can stargaze and see the night sky without the interference of your gizmos, and you can sleep in a tent with just microns of cloth separating you from the elements!  You can feel accomplished chopping wood and building a fire, and then cooking dinner on a grill!  How’s that for a change in scenery?

3. Fishing

lure outdoors

If you’re going to camp and you’re going to be near water, then you’re likely going to want to fish, especially if you decide that you want to grill a fish over your campfire!  What could be better than a fire roasted salmon that you caught for yourself?  You could always just make some s’mores (and you should because those are delicious), but what fun is it limiting yourself to things you can buy in the store?  After all, with Spring coming, and with it already being a new year, why not do something radically different for a change?  You need a better water cooler story anyway!

So how do I tame the outdoors for less?

So there you have it, three things that you can do now that it’s getting warmer, that won’t necessarily break the bank either.  Why won’t they break the bank exactly?  We thought you’d never ask!  We know that our pals at Sportsman’s Guide already work hard to secure great deals for you because they love the outdoors and they want you to love the outdoors too (we’re pretty sure they feel down whenever they see someone in business attire).  We here at Aha! Coupons want to make your wallet even happier by offering you fantastic coupon and promo codes here at our page for Sportsman’s Guide!  So, this Spring say goodbye to your swivel chair and computer, and say hello to the outdoors!


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