Games Guaranteed to Make Your Party Explosive!

House parties are great!  You get to have all your friends visit you at once, share stories, laugh, and maybe even consume a beverage or two (hey, it’s none of our business).  As the party continues, however, you may start to run out of things to do, and that’s usually when bad ideas involving your property are concocted.  Here at Aha! Coupons, we’d rather see your night go off without a hitch, instead of ending in the hospital because your friend insisted that lamp sockets only work if a light bulb is in them, and just had to show you.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of some pretty great party board games that will keep you all entertained and out of trouble!  Oh, and our very fine friends at Kohl’s just happen to have a promotion currently, saving you a ton of money on board games!  And where, exactly will you find these elusive codes?  Why, right here at our fantastic Kohl’s coupon page here at Aha! Coupons! To the games!

1. Jenga

jenga games

Ok, so the first one isn’t exactly a board game, but it’s a safer bet than whatever your friend was suggesting with the stacked firewood!  Jenga is a fun and simple game where you and your friends take turns taking out a piece of a tower until one of you manages to make it collapse, at which point someone gets to obnoxiously shout Jenga, because that’s apparently a thing.  One out of the fifty-four blocks will spell doom for one partygoer, who will it be?  Also, the game is recommended for ages six and up so you can play this with your kids, though don’t expect them to show mercy either!

2. Scrabble

1725808 games

Scrabble is a good idea for the wordier ones amongst you, though don’t be surprised if someone thinks they’re being cute by introducing obscure profanities that they learned in Latvia just for a lark.  Of course, with the game designed for two to four players it may be a bit difficult to have a huge game at your house party, so why not get a few boards and have a tournament!  We’re getting carried away here, but in all seriousness, there is a lot of fun to be had with Scrabble, and certainly there are ways to turn it into an even more party-appropriate game, though we don’t think that’s officially endorsed by the creators!

3. Cranium


Now this is the party game for those of you who like to be a little more theatrical or creative!  Cranium allows you act, sculpt, write, and sing your way to greatness (or at least to get points)!  Sounds like fun right?  This is a great way to get the extroverts at your party constructively having fun, and a great way to get the introverts out of their shell.

How do I get these hot games and still have money for the party?

Anyway, now you have three options that should hopefully keep your guests from getting too rowdy and from destroying your heirloom bone china!  In addition to saving a ton on repairs, you also can save even more when you use Aha! Coupons’ awesome Kohl’s portal to get even more savings!


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