Kitchen Appliances To Make Your Kitchen New Again

A change in the seasons is a good excuse to change things up in your home and we here at Aha! Coupons think it’s time to talk about your kitchen.  We get it, we really do; that kitchen holds a lot of memories and you’re perfectly happy working with what you have.  We feel, however, that it is our duty to stage a bit of an intervention here and tell you that the place is a little sad, and is in need of a huge makeover.  The counter space alone is miniscule, and there’s no reason you have to keep using the kitchen table to expand your space (besides it all too often gives Fido easy access to his next meal).  Also, that wallpaper, you know the one with the little pineapples?  That hasn’t been in style since cookbooks featured fifty pages of gelatin salads!  Now we can’t necessarily control your taste, but we can push you in the right direction, and our pals at Best Buy happen to have a great sale of Bosch kitchen appliances.  And boy-howdy do we have the coupons at our Best Buy portal, or what!?

1. Gas Range

kitchen range

First of all, after you’ve stripped that terrible wallpaper off (only to find generations of other poor choices in wallpaper, kind of like a sad, tasteless onion) you can start to focus on remodeling your counter space.  The first thing that needs to go is that monstrous and rickety electric oven/range combination that was out of date even when it was new!  There is no reason why it should take twenty minutes to make an omelet, so it’s time that you upgraded to a gas range!  There’s a reason why people say, “now we’re cooking with gas,” so get with the program!  In addition, all of that space you freed up can be used to create a tasteful countertop that you can build around this range, killing two birds with one stone!

2. Over the Range Microwave

kitchen microwave

The name of the game here is saving space, and what better way to do it than to put your microwave over your range.  You’ll free up space and everything will be conveniently located!  Gone is the countertop microwave that has seen one too many Hot-Pockets, and has a wobbly plate that always manages to slosh around soup!  Now you can get a high-tech, state-of-the-art, sleek machine that is truly worthy of being called a “science oven!”

3. Built in Ovenkitchen double oven

We told you to junk that stove, and of course you’ll need an oven separate from your range.  Why not get this double convection oven, and build it into the wall?  To us it kind of reminds us of one of those double-decker buses in London, except instead of carrying people, this oven allows you to create at least two delicious dishes at once!  Ever wondered what it is like to cook a turkey and a duck at the same time?  While that’s an oddly specific fantasy, with this oven you can make that happen!  And with its convection current, you can cook things even faster, guaranteeing that your family will be happy, and you’ll save time making dinner!

How to make this kitchen a reality?

Of course, what would we be if we didn’t at least tell you about these great deals?  You can get our amazing Best Buy coupon codes here at our Best Buy portal and at Aha! Coupons we’ll sign off with a Bon Appetit!


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