Backyard Bonanza! Ride These Savings Before It’s Too Late

It may seem hard to believe, but Spring is almost upon us!  The trees will start budding, things will get greener, and it’s only a matter of time before the grass starts to grow, and grow, and grow.  As much as we think the overgrown look is kind of fun in those weird pictures of abandoned amusement parks, it’s probably not a great look for your home.  Unless you’re planning to stay inside for the whole Spring and Summer, your backyard is bound to be pretty important to you; after all, where else are you going to barbecue?  The living room? That’s dangerous!  Thankfully our buddies at Sears know that Winter is ending too and they have a few items that may prove to be useful.  Oh, and what’s that?  Aha! Coupons has a great Sears page with amazing promo codes?  We totally do!

1. Riding Mower

riding mower backyard

There’s nothing like the first nice day of Spring.  The birds are chirping, the trees are flowering and the grass is growing.  Two weeks later, however, that grass needs to be taken down or it’s going to take over the whole house!  Assert your dominance over nature with one of the finest mowing tools that money can buy; the Craftsman Riding Mower from Sears.  Now you can cut your grass to size all while enjoying the nice Spring day.  After all, who wants to use a push mower to take care of the yard when you can use your gas-powered chariot of destruction to remind nature that your home is your castle!  Besides, let’s be completely honest, using a riding mower takes the ordinary unpleasant chore of yard management and makes it kind of fun!  Plus, from a practical standpoint your mower can also be used to haul things around your property in a wagon hitch, and is generally a good investment if you have a larger yard.  Also, Sears has great online only offers, guaranteeing that you don’t have to deal with the showroom and that you’ll also get a great deal!

2. Outdoor Storage

outdoor storage backyard

Of course, you’ll need a place to put your mower, after all the elements won’t be kind to it if it’s left out, and nature probably has a score to settle even since you tamed your lawn.  That’s where Sears incredible outdoor storage options come into play, providing you with the much needed space to store your mower and more in your backyard this Spring.  Don’t hesitate to get that volleyball net thinking you don’t have a place in the garage for it, now you can store it in your shed!  The possibilities are endless!

3. Gazebo


Nothing screams outdoor entertainment than a well-appointed gazebo on your lawn.  Why bother mowing the backyard if you’re never going to use it.  Sure, cutting down so many thousands of blades of grass bi-weekly is a joy in and of itself, but if you’re not using that lawn, you’re missing out.  A gazeebo from Sears virtually guarantees that your back yard will be the site of many a garden party!

How do I supercharge my backyard this spring for less?

With your friends at Sears, you can’t go wrong.  You’ll already get great deals and if you get come promo codes through our Sears page, you’ll even get to keep more of your money!


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