Awesome Toys to Make You King of the Playground

The weekend is almost here and you’ve got big plans, right?  OK, maybe you don’t and that’s why we’re here with a solution that will cure your boredom.  See, we have the scoop that Kohl’s is having a pretty neat sale on toys and games that will save you some money if you decide to buy.  “But Aha! Coupons, why would I be interested in toys?”  We both know why, dear hypothetical reader!  Because toys and games are fun!  If you have kids, you can at least pretend you’re buying these products for them, and if you don’t, then there’s no problem because it’s your apartment and no one can tell you what to do!  Anyway, we’re getting off track; we mentioned deals didn’t we?  It just so happens that Aha! Coupons has a lot of great coupon codes at our Kohl’s page, including one that provides a discount for toys and games.  Let’s take a look at some of the products!

1. Nerf Guns

OK, if you haven’t been in the loop the last few years, we’re going to let you in on something; remember how cool Nerf guns we when you were kids?  Maybe you’re a 90’s kid and remember when you could shoot a couple of darts at a time.  Yeah, you may as well have remembered fossils, because that’s what those things are.  Nerf has been producing awesome dart guns for the last few years that blow your childhood toys out of the water!

nerf demolisher toys

Seriously, check this thing out.  That monstrous hunk of plastic and foam is called the Demolisher 2-in-1, and it comes with a 10 dart clip and two missiles that are fired under the barrel.  Do we still have your attention or are you too busy calling all your friends and ordering ten of these? Well you should pay attention because they also make this thing:

nerf zombie toys

That’s called the Zombie Strike Side Strike, and it holds 4 darts, and comes with a holster that you can attach to your belt.  When you’re cornered and outnumbered the Side Strike will be your last resort before your friends close in and finish the job…with foam darts.  Honestly, it’s just good fun, and if you have kids it will be a good time for them as well!

2. Play-Doh

play doh firehouse toys

All this foam carnage aside, you may want to get some Play-Doh to mellow out, and to get your amped up kids to calm down as well.  We recommend the Play-Doh Town Firehouse Set, which comes with a firehouse set you can put together, stampers, a firefighter, puppy, fire hydrant, axe, and four cans of Play-Doh.  Incorrect spelling of the word “dough” aside, Play-Doh is a fun product that will let your child explore his (or her) creative side.  You too can join in the fun!

How do I get these killer toys for less?

Of course we here at Aha! Coupons want you to get the best deals, and we can get them for you at our website!  Check out our Kohl’s coupon page so you can get the promo codes you need to make this weekend awesome!


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